NHL Teams Vote to Decentralize NHL Draft

Published October 26, 2023 at 12:43

It was announced late Wednesday afternoon that the NHL released a statement to all clubs that the majority of teams supported a decentralization of the NHL draft.

This would majorly shake up how the NHL's draft runs, with teams staying in their hometowns at their own facilities and sending representatives to the location of the draft.

Decentralizing the draft would make the NHL draft operate similarly to the NFL and NBA where prospects go to the event but not an entire crew of team personnel.

Many are torn on this decision because the draft tables are a unique aspect of the draft that the NHL has.

While the draft will still go on as normal, there are fans who enjoy seeing their favorite team's general manager and staff doing their job in real time, giving the fans a look at what the sport is like from an off-ice perspective.

While the decision to decentralize the draft has received support from the majority of teams, there is no update on whether it will affect the 2024 draft.
October 26   |   28 answers
NHL Teams Vote to Decentralize NHL Draft

Should the NHL decentralize the draft?

Yes1035.7 %
No1864.3 %
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