Kraken draft preparations continue as team evaluates prospects at NHL Combine

Ryan Hall
June 10, 2024  (0:22)

NHL combine 2024
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With the Seattle Kraken's off season in full swing, general manager Ron Francis along with his team and his scouts attended the NHL Combine in Buffalo NY this week.

Kraken scouting director Robert Kron Along with Jeff crisp, Mike Dawson and other scouts were on hand to interview 71 players in a one-on-one process which had a 20 minute time. These conversations give the scouting staff a better feel on how these prospects are ready to play for the Kraken along with what they would bring to the table in terms of their skill set, hockey IQ and other important pieces of information.
«For me personally, it's putting a face to the player,» said Kron Thursday, taking a break from interviewing 18 more players. «Most of the time, we see these kids in the uniform and with helmets on and [face} cages and all that stuff. This week, it is face-to-face.

«You see how big they are without equipment. We can gauge what kind of physical development they need to go through or not. Also, we look at how they handle themselves in an environment like this. Our area scouts talk to these kids in season and do extensive interviews before the prospects get here. We pretty much have the information we need. We look for consistencies and maybe expand a little bit on what our scouts have dug up.»

Beside the interviews, they go through a battery of tests on the physical side to see their stamina and how they can withstand the pressures especially the dreaded Windgate test with Nate Brookreson who is the head coach of strength and conditioning.
«I like those tests for evaluating athletic quality,» said Brookreson. «The bike test is 30 seconds, going as hard as you can. It gives a sense of somebody's ability to sustain output over the course of a shift; it's a look at average power output.

The Kraken will be choosing 8th overall in this draft and there are 62 forwards, 35 defensemen and three goaltenders attending this combine. Many reports are showing that defensemen will be the primary player that will be chosen at this draft but it remains to be seen on what general manager Francis will do as his team lacks goal scoring and star power up the middle.
The first round of the NHL draft will take place in Las Vegas NV on June 28th at 7:00 PM eastern.
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Kraken draft preparations continue as team evaluates prospects at NHL Combine

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