Kraken's Goaltender Makes Bid For Save of The Year

Published October 5, 2023 at 1:39

In a thrilling matchup, Kraken's goaltender Chris Driedger delivered a stunning performance that could easily be the "save of the year" contender. With the Kraken holding a narrow 2-1 lead late in the game, Driedger made a series of breathtaking desperation saves to preserve their advantage.

Driedger, who took the net during the second period, showcased incredible skill and determination. His remarkable saves were instrumental in maintaining the Kraken's one-goal lead. The pressure was on, as he faced numerous scoring attempts, but Driedger stood tall and denied the opposition's best efforts.

This performance adds an intriguing twist to the competition for the backup goaltender position on the Kraken roster. With both Driedger and Daccord putting up exceptional performances in this game, the coaching staff faces a tough decision ahead.

In the end, the Kraken emerged victorious with a final score of 2-1 against the Canucks, and Driedger's standout performance undoubtedly played a significant role in securing the win.
October 5   |   71 answers
Kraken's Goaltender Makes Bid For Save of The Year

Who do you think will be the backup goalie for the Kraken?

Driedger1723.9 %
Daccord3954.9 %
It's a tough call1521.1 %
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