Kraken Forward Makes 6'8 Beast His Punching Bag

Published October 4, 2023 at 10:26 PM

In a recent game, size and strength clashed on the ice as John Hayden, standing at 6'3", and Tyler Myers, towering at 6'8", decided to drop the gloves. Hayden went to town on Myers throwing massive lefts and rights.

Tyler Myers, known for his imposing stature, didn't throw any significant punches before the referees swiftly intervened, preventing the altercation from escalating further.

However, it was clear that John Hayden had a point to prove with this skirmish. While it may not have resulted in a prolonged battle, his willingness to engage with a player of Myers' size underscores the competitive spirit and determination that players like Hayden bring to the ice. It's a testament to the intensity and passion that makes hockey such an exhilarating sport to watch.

October 4   |   73 answers
Kraken Forward Makes 6'8 Beast His Punching Bag

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