Gary Bettman Reveals 7 Cities Want a Team In The NHL

Published October 5, 2023 at 10:37 PM

As mentioned earlier this offseason by Billy Daly, the NHL currently has no immediate plans for expansion. However, they remain open to receiving proposals from interested parties.

From a financial standpoint, expansion is an enticing prospect for the league, with the potential to generate significant revenue. The addition of new teams alone could bring in a whopping $2 billion in expansion fees, and the inclusion of two new markets might result in a staggering $4 billion windfall for the NHL.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman addressed the ongoing interest from various cities, stating,
"The best answer I can give you is yes, we have continuous expressions of interest from places like Houston, Atlanta, Quebec City, and Salt Lake City, but expansion isn't on the agenda."
He emphasized that while expressions of interest are welcome, there is no official expansion process in motion at the moment.

Bettman further explained,
"We aren't there yet, and it's just an expression of interest. As you all know, I take meetings all the time on a variety of subjects, so if someone wants to talk, I'll talk to them."

Back in 2015, Quebec City had shown interest in expansion, but the NHL ultimately chose Las Vegas as its expansion destination.

NHL insider Kevin Weekes recently highlighted several cities expressing interest in expansion, including Quebec City once again. While the addition of more teams to the NHL may not be imminent, it remains a long-term goal for the league.

As of now, there is no active expansion process, but the league is prepared to accept applications when the time is right. The question remains: Which city among those mentioned above do you believe deserves an expansion franchise?

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Gary Bettman Reveals 7 Cities Want a Team In The NHL

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