Calder Cup Finals Game 1 Recap: Coachella Clinches First Win at Giant Arena!

Vince Carbonneau
June 15, 2024  (4:20 PM)

Calder Cup Game 1
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Calder Cup Finals Game 1 Recap: Coachella Secures First Win at Giant Arena

In a thrilling opening game of the Calder Cup Finals, the Coachella Valley Firebirds earned their first-ever victory at Hershey's Giant Arena, defeating the Hershey Bears 4-3. This win sets a promising tone for the series and highlights the Firebirds' resilience against a formidable opponent.
Game Notes
As anticipated, the Hershey Bears proved to be Coachella's toughest challenge yet, especially given their lack of direct ties to the Flames. Hershey's Joe Snively and Hendrix Lapierre delivered standout performances, pushing the Firebirds harder than any previous team. However, the Firebirds matched the Bears' intensity, showcasing their determination and strength.
The first two periods were marked by a relentless barrage of shots from Coachella, leading to an intense and exhausting contest. By the final period, both teams were embroiled in a penalty-laden battle, with nearly all 18 penalty minutes being called during this time.
Key Performances
Two players stood out for Coachella: Ryan Winterton and John Hayden. Each scored two goals, earning them the first and second stars of the night. Their ability to penetrate Hershey's defense and disrupt their power play was crucial, causing significant trouble for Hershey's goalie, Hunter Shepard.
Supporting these stellar performances were Ville Ottavainen and Cam Hughes, who each provided two assists. Their contributions were vital in facilitating the Firebirds' offensive success.
Goaltending and Defense
Although Coachella's goalie Chris Driedger had an uncharacteristically low save percentage, this statistic is somewhat misleading. He faced only 19 shots throughout the game, and the few that got past him were largely fluky. The Firebirds' strong defensive play deserves credit for limiting Hershey's typically dominant offense.
By the Numbers
- Ryan Winterton and John Hayden**: Each scored two goals.
- Chris Driedger**: Faced 19 shots, with a low save percentage but strong overall performance due to solid defense.
Looking Ahead
Coachella's first-ever win at Hershey's Giant Arena is a significant milestone. With the hardest part seemingly behind them, the Firebirds now have three more wins to secure the Calder Cup. The series continues with Game 2 at the Giant Center, where Coachella aims to build on their momentum and extend their lead.
What's Next
Game 2 is scheduled for an early 2 PM start at the Giant Center. Coachella will look to maintain their momentum and take a commanding lead in the series.
Bottom Line
Coachella's victory in Game 1 marks an exciting start to the Calder Cup Finals. With standout performances and a strong team effort, the Firebirds have set the stage for a competitive and thrilling series ahead.
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Calder Cup Finals Game 1 Recap: Coachella Clinches First Win at Giant Arena!

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