The Kraken Have An Important Decision To Make Regarding Beniers

Published September 29, 2023 at 12:36

The Seattle Kraken face a crucial decision concerning their young sensation, Matty Beniers, the reigning NHL Rookie of the Year with the Calder Memorial Trophy in hand.

With Beniers nearing the end of his entry-level contract next summer, speculation is swirling about the type of deal the team will offer him.

One school of thought leans towards a short-term bridge contract, possibly lasting two or three years, as suggested by Geoff Baker. This approach allows Beniers to continue showcasing his skills and sets the stage for a more lucrative deal in the future.

Conversely, another perspective suggests the Kraken might go for a more extended commitment, potentially an eight-year contract. Such a move could provide the team with cost certainty and cap flexibility, particularly if they see Beniers as a future franchise player.

In his debut season, the 20-year-old impressed with 24 goals and 57 total points in 80 games.

If Beniers continues to shine in his sophomore year, he may have the leverage to negotiate a contract that balances his financial gain with the team's future flexibility.

The Kraken's decision on Beniers' contract will undoubtedly shape the team's future and its ability to retain this emerging star, keeping fans eagerly awaiting the outcome.

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The Kraken Have An Important Decision To Make Regarding Beniers

Will Beniers get a bridge deal or a long term extension?

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Long term extension8873.3 %
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