NHL Reporter Doesn't Think The Kraken Can Make The Playoffs Again

Published September 26, 2023 at 1:36 PM

The Kraken pushed the limits last season in surprising fashion. Despite being seen as a disruptive team with unique scoring talent throughout their lineup, they made a remarkable playoff run, even eliminating the defending Stanley Cup champions in the first round. Their success challenged traditional views on star power versus depth in hockey.

In just their second NHL season, Seattle forged an identity and raised expectations. But what lies ahead for them? Replicating their unexpected success is a tough ask, considering many didn't anticipate their strong debut season. Yet, the Kraken have set a new standard for themselves, and now the pressure is on to prove that Year 2 was a sign of what's to come, not just an outlier season.


As for projections, after their surprising playoff run, expectations are high. However, The Model takes a more reserved stance, offering a 90-point projection. While a return to the playoffs is possible, the Kraken must demonstrate that their previous season was not a one-time fluke. Their exceptionally high five-on-five shooting percentage last season, a likely outlier, poses challenges. Some offseason roster choices may have further dampened their forecast, placing them 10th in the Western Conference. While a playoff spot remains within reach at 39 percent, repeating their prior success seems unlikely.

Perhaps the Kraken, with their unique roster construction, can defy the odds, but a minor setback this season wouldn't be disastrous for a franchise with long-term goals. It's possible that Seattle may experience such a setback in the coming season.

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NHL Reporter Doesn't Think The Kraken Can Make The Playoffs Again

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