Massive Update Regarding Kraken's Star Defenceman

Published October 3, 2023 at 3:19 PM

Good news for fans of the Seattle Kraken, as defenseman Vince Dunn has returned to the ice without any apparent injuries. The last official update on Dunn indicated a day off due to a maintenance day, during which he didn't participate in skating or play.

However, the latest development is promising, as Dunn was seen back on the ice, taking part in an optional skate and going through drills with assistant coach Jay Leach.

This return to the practice sessions is a positive sign for Dunn and the Kraken. It suggests that any concerns about his health are receding, and he's actively preparing for the upcoming season.

Dunn's presence on the ice is crucial for the Kraken's defensive stability, and fans will be relieved to see him back in action after the brief setback.
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Massive Update Regarding Kraken's Star Defenceman

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