LA Kings Fans Go After Matty Beniers For Ridiculous Reasoning

Published September 22, 2023 at 3:55 PM

LA Kings Fans React Strongly to Beniers' Early Success

Recent comparisons between LA Kings' veteran captain, Anze Kopitar, and Seattle Kraken's rising star, Matty Beniers, have sparked heated discussions among hockey enthusiasts.

LA Kings fans, in particular, have shown a mix of emotions, with some expressing frustration as they observe Beniers' impressive performance at such a young age.

The tweet in question laid out the statistics:

Matty Beniers - 24 goals, 33 assists, 57 points in 80 games.
Anze Kopitar - 20 goals, 41 assists, 61 points in 72 games.

For some Kings fans, this comparison has been a sore point, as it suggests that Beniers, with only one NHL season under his belt, is already achieving impressive numbers compared to Kopitar's season.

While such debates are common in the hockey world, it's evident that emotions are running high among Kings faithful, due to their Captain, Kopitar, being in the NHL for nearly as many years (17) as Matty Beniers has been on this earth (20 years of age).

As Beniers continues to make his mark in the league, the discussion will likely persist. LA Kings fans, known for their unwavering support, will continue to stand by their beloved captain, who has been a cornerstone of the franchise for nearly two decades. Hockey debates like these, fueled by passionate fan bases, are a testament to the enduring excitement the sport generates.

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LA Kings Fans Go After Matty Beniers For Ridiculous Reasoning

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