How This Kraken Prospect Defeated the Odds

Austin Sabourin
September 23, 2023  (4:24 PM)

Tye Kartye has become an inspiration for the Soo Greyhounds of the Ontario Hockey League, his former team. From small details like emulating a forecheck to more significant life lessons, Kartye's journey is a testament to persistence and self-belief.

Kartye's path to the NHL was far from rapid. He started as an eighth-round pick for the Greyhounds in 2017 and initially faced challenges making the cut. However, he didn't let setbacks deter him. He steadily worked on improving his game and physicality while maintaining a realistic outlook.
His dream of getting drafted in the NHL took a hit when he went undrafted for two consecutive years. Still, Kartye's dedication paid off when the Seattle Kraken signed him as a free agent on March 1, 2022. He had a remarkable season with the Coachella Valley Firebirds, earning the AHL Rookie of the Year award as the third undrafted player to win the Red Garrett Memorial Award in 12 years.
Despite starting his NHL journey on the fourth line, Kartye's tenacity shone through. When injuries struck the Kraken during the playoffs, he received a surprise call-up and was placed on the top line. In his NHL debut, Kartye achieved a remarkable feat by scoring a goal, becoming the eighth player since 1927 to do so during their NHL debut in the playoffs.
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Throughout his journey, Kartye's grounded and grateful personality has remained intact. His parents, Richelle and Todd, were there to witness his milestone, and their pride and happiness were evident.
Tye Kartye's story is one of determination and seizing opportunities when they arise. His journey serves as an inspiration to all aspiring hockey players, emphasizing the importance of hard work and unwavering self-belief.
Kartye said, «Believing in yourself is one of the first steps to having success. And I think I've always had that. I'll continue to have that.»
John Dean, his former coach, described him as, «very grounded in being grateful.»
Reflecting on his journey, Kartye stated,
«That was an incredibly special day just because I've been working really hard for a long time and obviously that was the end goal, to get there and get rewarded with that.»

Kartye's surprise call-up during the playoffs was a significant moment. He said,
«So I'm super proud that they called me up then. But I definitely would say it was a little bit of a surprise.»

After scoring in his NHL debut, Kartye expressed his gratitude to his parents, saying,
«I was just super thankful that they were there for that.»
How This Kraken Prospect Defeated the Odds

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