Eberle Gets Asked A Hard Hitting Question About Future With Seattle

Published September 21, 2023 at 3:44 PM

Seattle Kraken supporters have every reason to be delighted as experienced forward Jordan Eberle openly expresses his strong desire to stay with the team. Having joined the Kraken in their inaugural season, Eberle has developed a deep affection for Seattle, going so far as to label it his favorite playing destination.

In a recent statement, Eberle left no room for doubt regarding his commitment to the Kraken.

He disclosed that he's engaged in discussions with General Manager Ron Francis, highlighting his deep-rooted connection to the city and the franchise. While formal contract negotiations have yet to commence, Eberle is receptive to exploring his future with the Kraken as the new season unfolds.

However, Eberle's sentiments go beyond his affection for Seattle; they reflect an intense determination. He recognizes that this season's expectations differ from the previous one.

With the Kraken leaving an indelible mark in their debut year, Eberle acknowledges the team's role in setting a higher standard. As he succinctly puts it, "We set the bar. Now we need to exceed that."

September 21   |   135 answers
Eberle Gets Asked A Hard Hitting Question About Future With Seattle

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