NHL Website adds new feature that will please many fans

Published October 23, 2023 at 4:45 PM
BY added a new feature Monday morning, called NHL edge.

This new feature allows fans to access player and puck tracking data that has not been accessible before.

Fans can now see where any player ranks among the rest of the league in categories such as fastest shot, skating, high danger chances, and much more.

Each arena is installed with numerous cameras as well as tracking devices on the pucks to collect data for the site.

NHL Edge has a player search option where anyone can look at each individual player's advanced stats and see what percentile they are in when compared to the rest of the league.

For example, you can search a player like Connor McDavid and see he ranks in the 99th percentile for skating bursts over 20mph, as well as his top shot speed being below the 50th percentile.

This new feature gives fans the ability to see through the eyes of NHL general managers and scouts from their own device.
October 23   |   23 answers
NHL Website adds new feature that will please many fans

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