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NBA Supersonics may be responsible for Hakstol firing

Published May 4, 2024 at 7:44 PM

When Kraken general manager Ron Francis announced the dismissal of his now former head coach Dave Hakstol, it caught many pundits and people around the league by surprise. Many were looking for answers especially when Frances did his press conference. But one intriguing theory is that the organization fired him due to the NBA and the potential return of the SuperSonics.

The Super sonics left Seattle in 2008 and set up shop in Oklahoma City to become the Thunder. Ever since, the want to bring back the SuperSonics has always been in the city of Seattle and its fan base and according to Elliotte Friedman of the 32 thoughts podcast and sportsnet insider, the ownership of the Kraken may be ready to take the steps for an expansion team to Seattle.

They wanted to make the organization appear stronger and having a stronger head coach with better credentials may help attract in NBA expansion.

It's kind of a known secret in the NBA that after they get their TV deals done, they're going to consider expansion, bringing back the Supersonics.
Part of this (Hakstol firing), if not most of this, was about, 'We need to make sure if the Supersonics come back, that our team is a little bit stronger.'
I watched that media conference with Ron Francis. He's a poker face, he doesn't give away a lot - he did not look happy. So not only am I looking at where they're going to go to replace Hakstol. I'm also wondering about the overall sense of the organization – Elliotte Freidman

The possibility that this was a factor is quite remarkable and it shows how the organization is willing to take steps to trying to land an NBA expansion team. No matter how it went down, Francis will now look to the league and Coachella for possible coaching candidates.
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NBA Supersonics may be responsible for Hakstol firing

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