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Looks like the Kraken might be able to land this Leafs superstar

Published May 7, 2024 at 7:15 PM

The Leafs had a tough end to the season after another game 7 loss and many have been wondering if they will be dismantling their skilled core as things have not worked out once again.

One forward that has been discussed quite a bit since the Leafs season ended is Mitch Marner as he did not deliver for Toronto at all in the playoffs.

Insider Eliotte Friedman believes that Marner might look at asking for a trade since things have not gone his way in Toronto and the spotlight might just be too bright.

"Has he gotten to a point where he thinks, long term, it's just better for him to be somewhere else? He was tentative, he was nervous, during these playoffs, you could see it."

"Marner never really had a moment and now because of where we are in the calendar of his contract, that becomes white hot under the microscope."

"To me the number one question is what does he think? Does any part of him think that it's time?" asked Friedman. "But I do think it's possible that he will think about it. It doesn't mean that he comes right out and tell the Leafs 'Get me out of here' but I do think there will be a Marner collective, as in the people around him, conversation about 'Maybe is it better to go somewhere else?'"

"I don't know if he's gonna say that publicly, it's probably not in his best interest to say that publicly. I do think on some level, especially the people who represent him, you're not doing your job if you at least say 'Mitch would this be better for you?"

"They go could full scorched earth," said Friedman. "They could say 'Not only are we not offering you what you want, but were thinking maybe it's better if we just use the cap room.' And they can say 'If you don't wanna play ball with us that's fine, we can play it out next year, but what that means is you're not gonna get your extension here and you're not gonna get your 8th year.'"

"People are saying there's nothing the Maple Leafs can do and it's not true," added Friedman. "They can force the situation and say 'Look guys, this is what we are going to do, this is how we are going to handle it, and you can decide to work with us now or you can decide to make your decision later."

"I think that's kind of where we are right now."

If the Leafs decide to move Marner, he could be a great addition to Seattle's top 6 as he is a fast forward with great vision and hockey IQ that would fit greatly with a scorer such as Jared McCann.

Fans will have to wait and see as to what happens in the off-season, hopefully Francis will be able to make an intriguing offer to the Leafs.

Source: Hockey Patrol: Elliotte Friedman believes Mitch Marner is on his way out of Toronto
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Looks like the Kraken might be able to land this Leafs superstar

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