NHL Frozen Frenzy Brings in Impressive Ratings

Published October 26, 2023 at 3:42 PM

The NHL's first ever Frozen Frenzy debuted on Tuesday, October 24th, on ESPN.

All 32 teams in the NHL played that night, with Frozen Frenzy providing an «NFL Redzone» style broadcast where the focus would constantly switch from game to game, showing all the best highlights.

Frozen Frenzy's first ever ratings showed many positives toward growing the game.

The average viewership for ESPN's triple-header of Toronto vs. Washington, Chicago vs. Boston, and Philadelphia vs. Vegas was four hundred and thirty-two thousand, up 11% from last year's ESPN ratings.

Viewership peaked for Frozen Frenzy during the 9:15 ET quarter hour across both ESPN networks with nine hundred and eighteen thousand viewers.

The NHL on ESPN has seen a 26% increase in viewers from this time last season, making Frozen Frenzy a step in the right direction for growing the game of hockey.
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NHL Frozen Frenzy Brings in Impressive Ratings

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