Matty Beniers' projected contract revealed

Published September 25, 2023 at 1:18 PM

As Kraken training camp progresses, questions linger about the team's future, both in the short term and down the road. The uncertainty surrounding Matty Beniers' contract situation is one of the key talking points.

The Kraken have the luxury of controlling Beniers for four more years, affording them some flexibility in negotiations. While the financial aspect is a consideration, the NHL system grants teams significant leverage over players during their initial seven seasons.

Details of discussions between Beniers and the Kraken remain private, but it's safe to assume both parties have outlined their desires.

A potential "bridge" deal could cover a couple of RFA seasons, allowing Beniers to secure a substantial raise later. However, it might be in the team's best interest to secure a longer-term deal if they believe in Beniers' potential as a star player.

Therefore, the decision to commit to a multi-year deal isn't simple. The Kraken must weigh the risks and rewards carefully, considering a longer evaluation period during this season may be the wisest course of action. They can look to players like Jack Hughes, who recently signed an 8-year, $8 million contract extension with the Devils, as a possible model for Beniers' future deal.

Matty Beniers and Jack Hughes are similar players. Although Hughes has established himself as a star in the NHL Beniers is on his way to do the same. After only one full season in the NHL Beniers has already shown that he can be a future star. In his first full season he put up 24 goals and 33 assists for 57 points. Where as Hughes in his first full season put up 7 goals 14 assists for 21 points. This is a reason why he can be seen as a comparable when it comes to contract talks.

Although Beniers impressed during his rookie season and won the Calder Trophy, his performance dipped after a concussion in January. NHL history is dotted with Calder winners who didn't maintain their star status.

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Matty Beniers' projected contract revealed

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