NHL superstar speaks out on pride tape ban

Published October 24, 2023 at 2:59 PM

Many players, personnel, and fans expressed their opinions on the NHL banning pride tape league-wide.

Colorado Avalanche superstar defenseman Cale Makar sat down with Peter Baugh of The Athletic to discuss his thoughts on the matter.

Makar stated that he understood the NHL wanting to avoid backlash for some players opting to not wear pride jerseys, but expressed that is those player's choice.

With the NHL banning the use of pride tape, many shared their thoughts saying that the league is becoming less welcoming and inclusive.

Discourse on the decisions is that the NHL has taken a step backward.

"That's kind of the hard point. Like I said, 99.9% of the league doesn't feel like that," said Makar.

Other cases of NHL players speaking out on this ban include Scott Laughton of the Philadelphia Flyers.

Laughton expressed that he will be wearing pride tape on the Flyers' pride celebration night and that it does not matter to him whether the league tries to punish him or not.

As more pride nights are coming up for each NHL team, more and more cases of players going against the ban are bound to happen.
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