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Leaf fans claim Gary Bettman rigged game 7

Published May 6, 2024 at 12:23

Since the Leafs lost game 7 to the Bruins, there has been a long list of excuses as to why and the newest reason is claiming that NHL commissioner Gary Bettman rigged game 7 by putting in Kelly Sutherland as one of the refs.

Leaf fans pointed out that Wes McCauley and Sutherland were part of both the 2018 and 2019 game 7 losses and since Sutherland officiated this game 7, they claim he helped the Bruins win once again.

DID YOU KNOW: The Bruins have defeated the Maple Leafs in Game 7s in 2018 (7-4) & 2019 (5-1), with refs Wes McCauley and Kelly Sutherland in stripes for both. Sutherland's back for tonight's Game 7: https://scoutingtherefs.com/2024/05/45069/todays-nhl-referees-and-linespersons-5-4-24/

It seems as though the Toronto fans are trying everything to find an explanation as to why their team lost in the first round for the 7th time in 8 years.

Source: Bruins insider: Fans are accusing Gary Bettman of rigging game 7 of Leafs vs Bruins
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Leaf fans claim Gary Bettman rigged game 7

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