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Report reveals what the Kraken would have to give up for Marner

Published May 9, 2024 at 7:07 PM

There has been a lot of trade rumors flying around regarding Mitch Marner since the Leafs were eliminated from the playoffs last Saturday.

According to reports, it seems as thought the Seattle Kraken could be interested in landing one of the Leafs' superstar forwards. It seems as though if the Leafs were willing to part ways with Marner they would need a sizeable amount in return. The Kraken would likely have to give up Adam Larsson and Shane Wright in the trade.

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Adding Marner could be a great addition for the Kraken's offense that struggled this season and the trade could make a ton of sense for Toronto as well. They would be able to get a solid right handed defenseman and a young player from the Toronto area that has a lot to prove.

Since things have not gone according to plan in Toronto the last few years, it is very likely they decide to part ways with one of their superstars.
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Report reveals what the Kraken would have to give up for Marner

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