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Kraken fans are pissed after disappointing season

Published April 20, 2024 at 6:26 PM

As the 2023-24 Seattle Kraken season draws to a close, it's an opportune moment to reflect on the team's challenges and what lies ahead for this expansion franchise.

Undoubtedly, disappointment looms large as the season concludes without a postseason berth, especially following the exhilarating Cinderella run the previous year. Fans had high expectations, fueled by the memorable victory over the reigning 2022 Stanley Cup champions, the Colorado Avalanche.

General manager Ron Francis comments :

"When we look at those things, we'll see if there's areas we can improve our team as we head into next season. Because like everybody else we want to be back in the playoffs next year."

Fans are expressing frustration with the excuses made by management, such as citing unusual circumstances, fluky goals leading to losses, and a remarkable win streak being snapped due to a team-wide illness. While these challenges undoubtedly impacted performance, many fans believe they are not sufficient excuses for missing the postseason.

Despite facing injuries and adversity throughout the season, the Kraken are recognized as a talented team. Fans argue that given the success of the previous year, they deserved a better outcome and are disappointed with the team's inability to replicate that success.

Looking ahead, there's a glimmer of excitement for the future of the Seattle Kraken. Despite the disappointments of this season, there's optimism surrounding the youthful talent on the roster.

On a positive note, Matty Beniers, at just 21 years old, stands out as a promising young star. Additionally, mainstays like Ryker Evans and Tye Kartye, both 22, have already demonstrated their abilities at the NHL level. With their youth and potential for growth, there's considerable room for the team to evolve and improve in the coming seasons.

Will the Kraken stage a comeback next year and rejoin the playoff picture? The devoted fanbase deserves nothing less.

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Kraken fans are pissed after disappointing season

Will the Kraken make the playoffs next year?

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