Jamie Oleksiak during regular season
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Jamie Oleksiak praises Connor Bedard

Published May 16, 2024 at 11:03

While the NHL regular season is often marked by intense rivalries, the IIHF World Championship provides a unique opportunity for players to unite under their national flags.

For Seattle Kraken defenseman Jamie Oleksiak, representing Team Canada has allowed him to witness firsthand the exceptional talent of players he usually competes against, including Chicago Blackhawks star Connor Bedard.

Oleksiak, one of the Kraken players who stepped up to play in the prestigious international tournament during the offseason, has been vocal in his admiration for the 18-year-old phenom.

"The kid is special. It's fun to watch," Oleksiak said in an IIHF interview, praising Bedard's skills and maturity beyond his years. "Great head on his shoulders. He's going to be a great player for the game," Oleksiak added, showcasing the sportsmanship and respect that game of hockey brings

As the tournament progresses, Oleksiak and his Canadian teammates will undoubtedly continue to showcase their skills and passion for the game, while also serving as ambassadors for the sport's ability to bring people together, regardless of their allegiances during the regular season.

source: thehockeynews.com
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Jamie Oleksiak praises Connor Bedard

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