Seguin getting smacked
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Alex Pietrangelo takes dumb penalty on Tyler Seguin

Published May 2, 2024 at 5:26 PM

In a jaw-dropping moment that's already being labeled as one of the NHL's most absurd penalties, defenseman Alex Pietrangelo of the Las Vegas Golden Knights delivered a shocking backhand smack to the face of Tyler Seguin

The blatant nature of the incident is undeniable, and while it may elicit some chuckles, the potential consequences were no laughing matter. Pietrangelo's reckless action had the potential to inflict serious harm on Seguin.

Thankfully, the situation didn't escalate into a major altercation on the ice. However, as the pivotal Game 6 matchup looms, it's hard not to wonder if the Dallas Stars will seek retribution for Pietrangelo's transgression. With their playoff hopes hanging in the balance, the Stars may view this as an opportunity to assert themselves and potentially tilt the scales in their favor.

While Seguin escaped injury, Pietrangelo's dirty play has rightfully sparked controversy and raised questions about sportsmanship on the ice. As the tension mounts and emotions run high, only time will reveal whether Pietrangelo will become a target for the Stars in the next game. One thing's for certain: the outcome of Game 6 could be significantly impacted by the fallout from this bizarre and unsportsmanlike incident.
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Alex Pietrangelo takes dumb penalty on Tyler Seguin

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