Where The Seattle Kraken Rank Among The Leagues Best

Published September 27, 2023 at 0:19

In a surprising twist, the Seattle Kraken have earned a notable spot on ESPN's list of the top 10 NHL teams for the next three seasons.

Despite being a relatively new addition to the league, the Kraken have secured the fifth position on the rankings.

This recognition underscores the team's potential and the promising outlook for their future.

Heres the full list:

#1 New Jersey Devils
#2 Carolina Hurricanes
#3 Buffalo Sabres
#4 Detroit Red Wings
#5 Seattle Kraken
#6 Dallas Stars
#7 Minnesota Wild
#8 Vegas Golden Knights
#9 Columbus Blue Jackets
#10 Los Angeles Kings

While the New Jersey Devils claim the top spot, the Kraken's presence in the top five is a testament to their potential to make a significant impact in the NHL over the next few seasons. Fans are eagerly awaiting their performance as they continue to establish themselves in the league.
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Where The Seattle Kraken Rank Among The Leagues Best

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