Newly Acquired Forward Reveals Why He Signed With The Kraken

Published September 23, 2023 at 11:37

Seattle Kraken forward Pierre-Edouard Bellemare recently shared his reasons for choosing to sign with the Kraken in the offseason. It appears that several factors influenced his decision.

One significant factor was Seattle's progress as a team. Despite being a relatively new franchise in the NHL, the Kraken have been steadily building their roster and team culture. Bellemare saw potential in being part of a team on the rise, and this played a pivotal role in his choice.

Additionally, the team's unique culture was a major draw for Bellemare. The Kraken have been working to establish a distinct identity since their inception, and this resonated with the veteran forward. Team culture is often a crucial element in a team's success, and it seems that Seattle's culture aligned with Bellemare's values and goals.

Bellemare also emphasized his familiarity with two of his new teammates, Adam Larsson and Andre Burakovsky. His longstanding relationship with Larsson, including 15 summers of working out together, created a strong bond. Bellemare was even present when Larsson received the news about his move to Seattle, underscoring the importance of this connection in his decision to join the Kraken.

Furthermore, it's evident that a friendly rivalry and camaraderie with Burakovsky began immediately after the deal was sealed. Such relationships within the team can contribute to a positive and cohesive locker room atmosphere.

In summary, Pierre-Edouard Bellemare's decision to sign with the Seattle Kraken was influenced by the team's progression, their unique culture, and his familiarity with key teammates. As the Kraken continue to evolve, Bellemare's presence is expected to be a valuable asset both on and off the ice.
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Newly Acquired Forward Reveals Why He Signed With The Kraken

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